Our service model is 'Total Life Financial Planning'

We work with clients and friends to assist them in evaluating the current and future stages in their lives and how their financial choices and needs will affect their personal life's journey and that of their family and loved ones. We assist them in determining what they want to achieve, what their current financial position is and what steps need to be taken to place them on the path to work towards their goals. These goals need to be considered in the short, medium and long range time frames. Once the requirements have been set then we will select from various financial options such as;

  • Budgeting, Expense Control and Debt Management Controlling Income Taxes
  • Life and Health Insurance programs
  • How annuities can be structured
  • Family protection programs
  • College Funding
  • Tax favored life insurance programs
  • Retirement Planning
  • Social Security Planning for maximum benefits
  • Senior Health Care Matters
  • Legacy Planning/Wills and Trusts